Be Who You Are Campaign

Oakley's global campaign, "Be Who You Are," highlights some of the biggest names in sports who encourage a global sports community to believe in themselves, underlining the brand's rich heritage in sports performance and innovation.

To carry this message into subcultures in an authentic way and make the brand more accessible to everyone, we were given the opportunity to develop a local campaign that honors local sports communities and their diversity. Beyond performance and medals, Oakley gives a voice to those who shape their sport and the community around them through creativity and lifestyle. The brand celebrates those who push boundaries, stay true to themselves and add value to their community. The campaign received a strong echo across all kinds of online and offline media, carrying the brand message far beyond the local footprint of its communities. Furthermore, the campaign was supported via a guerrilla out-of-home campaign in several German cities.


Art Direction
Public Relations

Campaign Video: Be Who You Are | Munich
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