Local Community Activation: Berlin Braves for Oakley Eye Jacket

In 1994, Oakley introduced its very first 3D-printed sunglasses, calling them the Eye Jacket. They were an instant hit and were worn by some of the biggest names in NBA basketball, such as "The Goat" himself, Michael Jordan. This changed the way we look at sunglasses forever. Almost 30 years later, we got the opportunity to develop an activation for the relaunch of these legendary glasses and celebrate the hype of the 90s.
We teamed up with the local sports community Berlin Braves and their basketball team Berlin Braves 2000 to create artworks inspired by the 90s and the legendary Oakely ads from back then. The content was shared across community channels and generated an organic buzz on social media.


BTS Photographer

The return of the Eye Jacket. Artwork by Roberto Brundo
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